PariMatch personal account

PariMatch personal account
How to log in and what problems can arise

PariMatch personal account

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Login and extra protection against hacking

Private Office at PariMatch is the section with the main operations on the account. When you try to enter it on some devices, an error occurs. We tell you how to avoid it and how to set up additional protection for your account in the cabinet.

The personal account at PariMatche can be accessed from anywhere on the site. In the mobile and desktop versions of the site you will find the office in the top right corner of the screen, in the iOS and Android apps – in the bottom left corner, the button looks like a silhouette of a person.

How to log in and what problems can arise

Go to the PariMatch website. Click on the “Login” button. On the desktop and mobile versions of the site it is in the top right corner of the screen, and on the app it is on the personal account page in the bottom right corner.

Enter your credentials and press the “Login” button.

You can only log in to the PariMatch official website from Filipino. If you are in another country, log in through your country’s website or the international version.

Sometimes an error may occur at login due to an incorrect username and password. Use our tips to fix or avoid it.

The password doesn’t match.

Try entering it again, remember it has at least one number and capital letter. If the password still doesn’t fit, use the password recovery option – click on “Forgot your password?” on the login screen and enter your phone number, account number or email address.

To ensure you don’t forget your password later on, create one using an algorithm – this makes it easier for you to remember and type it on any device.

Use any word you can remember easily. The word must be four letters long or longer.
Make the first letter big.

At the end of the word, add four digits that you are comfortable remembering. Do not use digits from your date of birth – preferably add the last digits of your passport number or driving licence.

You will not be able to log in to your personal account.

Check which version of the website you are logging in to. If the site is correct, check if other pages open normally in the browser.

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If only PariMatch is not working, the site may be undergoing technical work or there may be a problem. Wait until the website is working properly or write an email to technical support.

Your username and password don’t match in the app. Check which login method you have chosen. The app does not automatically detect whether you enter your phone number, account number or e-mail.

Sections of the personal cabinet

Sections of the personal cabinet

The private office is almost the same across all versions of the PariMatch website or app. For example, in some sections the options are grouped differently, and in the mobile version of the site you cannot set up two-factor authentication. We’ll arrange them in the order in which they are in the desktop version of the site and indicate where to find these options in other versions.

Account information.

This is not a full-fledged section, but a list with account details: player number, balance, outstanding bets. It is present in all versions of personal cabinet: in the desktop version of the site – on the left, in other versions – at the top.

Account history.

All calculated and uncomputed bets are displayed here. Also in this section you can find the history of depositing and withdrawal of the winnings.

Account setup.

There are almost no settings, but there is important information about the account.
Personal information – your first and last name, country, email address and phone number. In the app, only your first and last names are available – they are displayed at the top of the personal account.

Account status – status of verification.

If you have not yet been verified, you will be prompted to confirm your identity, and if you have already been verified, the available limits will be shown. In the app, the limits are shown in the ‘Check limits’ section, while in the mobile version they cannot be viewed.

Bonuses – a list of available and completed personal promotions.

Security – your IP address, the option to change your password and setting up two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication will help protect your account, we have described how to set it up below.
Fund Deposit/Withdrawal. The section where you can make a deposit or withdrawal. All you need to do is to select the method and specify the amount. In the mobile version of the site and apps, the deposit and withdrawal options are separated into two sections, while in the desktop version they are combined.



Promotions and bonuses.

A list of available promotions is displayed here.
Withdraw. An option that allows you to end your session and log out of your account. You will only be logged out on one device: for example, if you are logged out on the website, you will not be logged out in the app.

Hide balance.

This option is not available on the desktop version of the PariMatch website, it is available on the app and mobile version. When enabled, it replaces the balance figures with asterisks.

Do I need two-factor authentication and how to set it up?

A two-factor authentication is an option that allows you to log in to your account only after you enter a one-time security code. It works like this: you log into your account, enter your username and password, followed by a six-digit key. This key will only be known to you, so it provides protection against hacking.

For example, an intruder has found out your username and password from your personal account. He tries to log into your account, but after entering the data he won’t access your account, but will come across a window where you have to enter a code.

This code is stored in an application on your smartphone or computer and is updated every 30 seconds. As a result, he can’t log in because he doesn’t know the code and your money in your account remains safe.

There are two ways to set up two-factor authentication in PariMatch. We recommend setting up two-factor authentication on a device you don’t use for betting. For example, if you bet more often from a smartphone, set it up from a computer. In this case, if you lose your smartphone, your access codes will remain with you.

If you lose access to the device from which you set up two-factor authentication, disable it. To do this, click on the “Disable two-factor authentication” button in the “Security” section. Then set up authentication from the other device.

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Do I need two-factor authentication and how to set it up?

From a computer

  • Download the Authy software on your computer or install the Chrome browser plug-in.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select the phone authentication method: from another Authy-authorised device, by SMS or phone call.
  • After confirming the phone number, go to the settings in your personal account, “PariMatch” and select the section “Security”.
  • Check the “Two-factor authentication” box and copy the secret key. Do not close the page.
  • Go to Authy, click on the plus sign in the top right corner and enter your copied key.
  • Give the key a name, e.g. “PariMatch”, choose any color and click Save. A window with a six-digit code will appear. Copy it.
  • Go back to the PariMatch page where you copied the secret key, enter the code from Authy without spaces and click “Enable two-factor authentication”.

Using your smartphone

  • Download the Google Authenticator app – it works on iPhones and Android smartphones and is needed to generate temporary login keys. The key is updated every 30 seconds.
  • Go to the Security section of your personal account settings on the PariMatch website.
  • Check the “Two-factor authentication” box. Do not close the page.
  • Open Google Authenticator and add your PariMatch account any way you like: type in your secret code or point your camera at the QR code on the page under “Security

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